5 Google Play Store Secrets You Didn’t know

Google Play Store is just an Android app marketplace is what most people think. You like an app, you then install it, and that’s it. But there are plenty of features and secret that most users are not aware of them.

1. Test and Refund Apps

Did you know that in Play store you can get refunds for paid apps? Google is pretty kind regarding reasons for requiring a return of payment, and the process is straightforward and fast.
You have two hours for paid apps after your purchase to ask for a refund. The only difference is for unapproved payments, which have a time-frame of 65 days.

2. Search Other Apps by Developer

You can use Pub: keyword to filter out the search results and only show apps from a specific app developer. That is great when you want to try other apps from a particular developer.


3. Early Access and Beta Apps

There are apps which are not published but generating a lot of buzzes. You can check if it’s open as an “early access” app, You can try it ahead of time.

The developers have a feature from Play Store to offer the separate beta version of the already-released apps. These beta apps may not be ready for a public release due to crashes, glitches and other bugs, etc.

4. No more Apps on Home Screen.

It is quite annoying when you install a new app and android places a shortcut on your home screen automatically.
You can disable this forever. In the Play store menu button and click on settings. Under General tab untick the box for “Add Icon to Home Screen.”

5. Prevent Children from Installing Apps

There are three separate ways to lock down app installations in the Play store, which is very helpful if your kids play games or stream videos on your smartphone.

Google Play Store Parental Controls

Fingerprint Lock: If your device has a fingerprint scanner, you can disable purchases of apps to your fingerprint by clicking on Settings > User Controls > Fingerprint authentication.

Parental control Code: Users can also restrict purchases by going to Settings > User Controls > Parental controls. Switch it on, and set a secret PIN code.

Mature content filter: By going to Settings > User Controls > Parental controls > Set content restrictions. Blocking Adults Only apps is sufficient in most cases.

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