A Detailed Guide on SSL for WordPress

We all are living in Global village through Internet, it is currently a center point of sites that are getting viral over the web. Since the broad framework of websites has expanded it has also created the danger of attacks. Web exploiters are presently at the favorable position since web applications don’t offer you the same number of protection.

WordPress is most mainstream CMS on the World. Hence due to its popularity, it has turn into an alluring focus for hackers over the globe. Among different procedures of influencing a site to protect, the most essential and proficient path is to encode the correspondence among server and a browser, it is known as SSL encryption.

In layman’s terms, when a user submit data on website for e.g login credentials or for eCommerce reason for instance when doing a shopping Online, SSL ensures that the data that is entered is exchanged safely and isn’t being traded off.

Most of WordPress users are do not know about FREE SSL. Between a web browser and a web server SSL is a definitive approach to make an encoded communication channel. This guarantees encryption and information security among browser and a server.

To give a much assured web surfing to people, Google leans towards SSL certified sites in its ranking. Additionally, the most commonly used web browser, Google Chrome indicates NON-SSL websites as Vulnerable. That can make a substantial obstruction among your clients and your website.

The reason for SSL enabled sites circles securing secret data of everyone using the internet. These may incorporate login credentials, Credit cards and  various type of personal data.

you may locate various SSL Certificate companies but I will talk about the Let’s Encrypt a FREE SSL provider.

Other than standard Installation of premium SSL authentication providers. The majority of the server companies now acknowledge Let’s Encrypt as well.Knowledge base is the best place to seek help but if there is no information the contact your support team.

Install SSL free into WordPress

Let’s Encrypt Installation is pretty easy on a WordPress. Let’s Encrypt is being provided by many hosting companies and it can be added to your site with a one click. Let’s Encrypt installation is offered by well-known WordPress hosting companies.

You can ask your host regarding Free SSL, and on the off chance that they give this facility they are cheerful to add the SSL authentication on your website.

For Checking SSL Authentication, there are some online websites Online. Those websites can check if the SSL is appropriately added on your site or not. SSL-Labs is one of the best free option and it will give a detailed report and green signal will affirms that webiste has HTTPS now.


To move the website to HTTPS, You have edit your WordPress .htaccess document that will let your visitors to HTTPS.

First step is that you have to log in to your hosting provider account through FTP, explored to your WordPress directory and right click and select edit to .htaccess file with any text editor. Toward the start of the file, Just paste the this code just beneath “RewriteEngine On.”

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} !https

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Replace all links with HTTPS

Once your website is Published, containing a significant amount of content. Every single Internal URL ought to likewise changed to HTTPS. You can perform this by exploring to Settings – > General, and change HTTP with HTTPS and click SAVE

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