Add Mac OS File Preview Look To Windows 10

Mac OS X file preview is quite respected throughout the worldwide community of PC and Mac OS users. The reason is quite simple: OS X file preview gives a quick glance on to the contents with much broader vision than that of the Windows’ file explorer. This very same feature supports a variety of file formats, again better than Window’s one, and also visually quite appealing as well with exciting embedded options. Expectedly, many computer users find the Mac OS X file previewer better and helpful. Moreover, no matter if you are on a Windows 10 PC, now you can quickly add Mac OS file preview look to Windows 10 as well and enjoy the same quality of convenience you had with your Apple system. Here are the steps below.

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OS File Preview Look To Windows 10
OS File Preview Look To Windows 10

Steps To Add Mac OS File Preview Look To Windows 10

To obtain Mac OS file preview functionality in Windows 10, we will be using the help of a third party application known as “Seer.” Seer is a Windows-based app that impersonates Mac OS file previewer and brings it to live on Windows platform. So, shall we begin to add Mac OS file preview look to our Windows 10 files/folders now?

Procedure -:

  • Download and install ‘Seer’ application in Windows 10.
  • Browse to any folder with text files, images, rar archives inside it.
  • Choose any item there and press ‘Spacebar’ on the keyboard.
  • Your selected file will now open in a Mac OS look-alike file preview. Press spacebar again to close the preview.

So, this is how easier to add Mac OS file preview look to Windows 10. However, you should only do this in case you have been an Apple user and just switched to Windows platform. The reason for this is that when you have not ever experienced Apple’s Mac OS file previewer before, chances are higher you will not appreciate its interface that much that it worth going through all of the steps above just to have this functionality. However, for those who used to know Apple’s interface, you are in for some great luck with this tutorial. Let me know in the comments if it has helped you achieve the look.

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