Easy Steps To Create Twitter RSS Feeds

Twitter is the world’s most renowned and trendier social network that brings huge updates across the globe in seconds to its wide base of users globally. Such kind of social website should need to provide an RSS feed support but quite amazingly Twitter does not at the moment. But as a matter of fact, there is a way by which we can easily create Twitter RSS feeds for our own websites or blogs. The method I am going to teach you will be able to capture twits, Twitter search results, profiles, and even novel Twitter additional collections. You can use Twitter RSS feeds for a variety of purposes on your personal domain. These can be for online marketing, selling, getting traffic and so much more. So, with all these & other benefits, let us learn the steps to create Twitter RSS feeds below.

Steps To Create Twitter RSS Feeds

Although, this trick will involve a very tiny part of HTML as well, but nonetheless it is one of the easiest ways to create Twitter RSS feeds for your blog or website like no other else. In your main Twitter account settings, you might be familiar with a Java scripted widget which Twitter offers all of their users to embed their Twitter time-line & search results to a website/blog. So, it is this widget which will help us to turn the Twitter tweets into RSS feeds for our site or blog to show, but with exclusive steps defined below.

Open your Twitter account and go to “Settings” and then on ‘Widgets’ option.

Over there, create a new ‘Widget’ based upon your preference to show a time-line, search results, lists, tweets, or your favorite Twitter posts.

Once the ‘Widget’ is created, note down its numeric ID, which will be found in the newly created widget.

Click here to get the Google Script which will convert Twitter posts, search, lists, profile, or time-line into an RSS feed which can be used with any popular RSS feed burners. Copy this script into your Google docs.

In the docs, open this script and select Run -> Twitter_RSS to allow it. Now, inside the Script Editor, go to “Publish” and then “Deploy as Web App” and finally click on “Save New Version” option. This activity will force Google Script to construct a new unique URL for your RSS web application.

In the last, type your Widget ID as mentioned in step 2 at the last of this new link and our Twitter RSS feed is ready to be deployed on your website or blog.

So, wasn’t this an easier way to create Twitter RSS feeds? I am sure you will be able to do like ‘click & run” example, but if you somehow get stuck anywhere else, just let me know in the comments and I will come to lend you a helping hand.

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