Fixing Upside Down Video Problem With VLC Player

You might have seen this problem in some of the videos you played from a CD or downloaded from the web. The videos might appear to launch correctly but the playback showing the video upside down. This happens because of a damaged video file which rotates the video to exactly 90 degrees. With the availability of a great multimedia player like VLC, now it is possible fixing upside down video problem with VLC media player. VLC media player is by far a completely free multimedia suite one can find. The capability of fixing various multimedia files as well as having the maximum support for numerous types of multimedia formats makes this software the most desired one. So, are you having an upside down video playback problem as well? Check out these steps for fixing upside down video problem with VLC player.

Steps For Fixing Upside Down Video Problem With VLC Media Player

In order to fix this problem with your video file, follow the steps below exactly for fixing upside down video problem with VLC media player.

  • Open VLC on your PC and in the main menu line, click on “Media” and then “Open file”.
  • Browse to where the problematic file is saved and double-click on it when found.
  • Since the video will start to play upside down, go to main menu bar and click on “Tools”.
  • Click on “Effects and Filters” under ‘Tools’ option.
  • A new window will be opened named as “Adjustment and Effects”, click on “Video Effects” tab.
  • Inside this tab there will be an option by the name of “Geometry”, click on it.

There are two ways from here by which you can easily resolve upside down issue in the video. Follow anyone which seems easier for you. Here are the steps below:

  1. Inside the ‘Geometry’ tab, you will see a clock type drag-button by the name of “Angle” written on its left center. Just above in this box will be an empty checkbox by the name of “Rotate”. Further, above you will see another box inside which there is a checkbox named “Transform” with a dropdown menu below it. Tick on the “Transform” box and then select ‘Rotate by 180 degrees’ from the drop down menu below. This will instantly rotate video beck to its normal playback mode.
  2. The other option for fixing upside down video problem with VLC player is to tick on the box named as “Rotate”, located just below the above-mentioned method’s box inside the same “Geometry” tab. Once you tick marked the “Rotate” option, the “Angle” dragging clock below will become activated. Click on and drag angle at whatever rotation you want the video to run at. This is kind of “self-chosen” method.

So, fixing upside down video problem with VLC is easy as written here. If you currently have any such files that are not playing properly in VLC or any other player, you can try to fix them with the help from VLC media player by following above steps which you deem fit according to your understanding. Let me know your opinion and questions, if any.

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