Add people on instagram live stream

Do you love instagram? Definately you will if you are photo sharing,fun loving and live sharing geek.Instagram has got new feature for you to add more heads on your live video streaming. Instagram got a new update for this feature be added.On August instagram tested this feature on limited group of users who loves to be social. That test now got expanded to be most destined feature on instagram.

On this feature any could add desired viewers on the live streaming. For this you need to get the latest update of instagram. While you are on live video stream, you could any viewers by clicking on “add” button in the corner of the screen.As soon as you added someone he/she joins you in a separate window below yours on the screen. It seems more fun on instagram than ever. For now you will be able to add only one person at a time.Lets hope instagram would introduce feature to add more heads to your live video stream.

Instagram seems to have  logical target for social users to interact through live streaming. It could help instagram to engage more people through this feature. Hope this feature could be groundbreaking achievement for instagram

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