Just Lock and locate your lost android phone

What if your cell phone got lost? You will miss your lovable things on you cell. You may misplace your phone or your phone got stolen. That can be the most annoyable thing to happen with your cell.

Android do have a feature to enhance locate, ring, lock and erase your android. Android is being more and more responsible on the security based features. If you have got problem of misplacing your cell phone you can get help from android.All these features are compiled on android.com/find. This site basically include locate,ring,long and erase features to ensure your reliability on android. For this feature to be useful you need to follow mentioned procedures.

1.Just go straight to android.com/find and just log on your google account linked up to your cell phone.

2.Google need to surf over your location.Thats why you need to have you location service must be on.

3.You can ask google to find your cell phone’s exact location.After that you can ring your phone if your phone got lost on your same room 😀 . For your security purposes you can lock your phone or erace all your data on your cell.

As a whole this is not that great feature instead its most have feature developed by android to ensure your happiness.


Android Device Manager is not without its limitations for sure. If your phone got stolen and you don’t have a protected lock screen and the thief has already performed a factory reset. The phone will not be associated with your Google Account..On this case you won’t get any help from google instead. Unlucky thing huh?

This feature can be expelled from both android device and desktop devices.


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