Learn To Format Your Text In Whatsapp By Using Latest End-To-End Encryption Technique


Whatsapp’s rise to fame has been a no hidden story for smartphone users of today.

The smartphone communication app which was released in 2009 proved extremely successful in finding the way into the hearts of millions of smartphone users. Because of its wide adoption rate, the developers had to frequently come up with novel updates which bring new & exciting features to this great app. One such, which was just released in the last month, produced an end-to-end encryption technique for text/voice-based messages inside the Whatsapp. This feature accompanied another one known as ‘Text Formatting’. With the use of this feature, you can now make your text bold or italicized during your conversation in the app. So, this tutorial today will teach you exactly how to format your text in Whatsapp according to your preferences, within the given limits of the functionality mentioned above. Let’s begin then!

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How To Format Your Text In Whatsapp With The End-To-End Encryption Technique

Basically, you can do 4 of the most common types of formatting in your text while having a conversation. These are:

Strike Through



Bold & Italics

OK! To format your text in Whatsapp according to these formats above, here are the syntaxes for each:

For italics: _italics_

For making bold/italics: *_Bold Beautiful_* (they are fans of this seductive Star TV Drama 🙂 )

To strike a line through your text: ~Strike through~

To make your text bold: *Bold text*

So, the way you will use these syntaxes is put your text between the symbols mentioned for each syntax on the first and last letter of your text. This will produce the desired effect with precision. Didn’t get it? Here are some examples below:

Making the text bold (notice the symbols at the beginning and the end)

*I like you very much*

To strike a line through your text

~I love to see this movie tonight~

To make both bold/italics

*_Dawn of Justice was a sucker punch, this time, _*

And the rest carries on in the same way as mentioned in the examples above. So, have you efficiently learned now how to format your text in Whatsapp? I bet you should but in case you still have any questions, do write to me in the comments below. However, just try once as mentioned in the examples above and I am pretty much sure you will do it. Go get it mac 🙂

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