Queue & Cast Reddit Posts From Android To Chromecast Device

Reddit has become one of the most widely populated social networks on the web which is filled with all sorts of news threads by the users worldwide. Many folks globally keeps themselves updated through this trendy social site. I don’t know the reason why some people are too reluctant to expose their Reddit ID with the posts they share? Anyways, whatever might be the issue, today I have some good tips on queue & cast Reddit posts from Android to Chromecast for the Reddit fanatics using Google’s Android platform as well as Chromecast. Below are the steps and a brief introduction to the feature so carry on reading further.

Steps To Queue & Cast Reddit Posts From Android To Chromecast

In order to queue your Reddit posts to cast them on a Chromecast from your Android phone, you will need a supporting free app, “Cast for Reddit”. This Android app helps to send any multimedia file from Reddit on Android directly to your Chromecast TV. You can explore and cast away any type of posts from Reddit to Chromecast with ease and precision. So, let’s begin to fill the Chromecast with Reddit posts.

  • Download and install ‘Cast for Reddit’ on your Android smartphone.
  • Once the app is installed, it will scan for any available Chromecast device on your network.
  • Once your Chromecast is found, tab on the “Cast” button at the top after selecting your Chromecast in the list.
  • Now the app will get access to your Chromecast. Although, the application itself will not appear in the emulated TV, but the application’s name ‘Cast for Reddit’ will be visible only.
  • So should you feel the urge to send any Reddit post to Chromecast, just tap on it.
  • Images will be sent at the very instant of the ‘Tap’, for the videos you can either queue them for later on or play them instantly by the same method of tapping & sending.
  • You can do all kinds of the functioning of the posts from the tabs or options given at the bottom of the app in Android.

So, this is how you can queue & cast Reddit posts from Android to Chromecast device easily. Although, this app is still under development so expect many changes in the app’s working in the coming months. So, I hope this tutorial has been of great help to you. Let us know your opinions in the comment box.

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